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Vaeda Russett

Junior Artist

From the age of thirteen Vaeda has always enjoyed drawing. As she got older her art continued to improve dramatically. At the age of 16 she decided to attend a painting course at Emily Carr to further refine her talent. Her high school years passed and she continued to draw and when it finally came time for graduation she had a clear path in mind. She wanted to become a tattoo artist. Without skipping a beat she started as an apprentice under Donavan at Evil Genius and has quickly developed her skills over the last few years, though she has dabbled in numerous styles of tattoo artistry she has developed an extremely solid sense of black and grey life-like artistry. She has taken what she has learned and forged it into her own and with it she pours herself into each piece. Her works continue to shock clients as she expertly brings their ideas to life.




Commission Pieces - available upon request

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